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National Scientific Center «Ноn. Prof. М.S. Bokarius Forensic Science Institute»

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National Scientific Center «Ноn. Prof. М.S. Bokarius Forensic Science Institute»

Handwriting and Linguistic Examination

1.1 Handwriting and signature analysis1.2 Linguistic study of written discourse

Technical Examination of Documents

2.1 Examination of document details
2.2 Examination of document materials
2.3 Examination of printing plates & forms and other means of document production

Weapon Examination

3. 1 Ballistic firearm examination and their ammunition
3.2 Ballistic examination of weapon traces, gunshot traces, and situational circumstances of shooting
3.3 Examination of cold weapon
3.5 Examination of grenade launchers
3.6 Examination of artillery and missile weapons

Trace Evidence Analysis

4.1 Examination of human and animal traces
4.2 Examination of tools, equipment, instruments and traces left by them, identification of the whole from parts
4.3 Forensic examination of vehicles
4.4 Examination of vehicle identification numbers and relief signs
4.6 Fingerprint examination

Explosive Engineering Examination

5.2 Examination of explosive devices, traces, and circumstances of the explosion
5.4 Examination of the circumstances and mechanism of man-made explosions

Photographic and Portrait Examination

6.1. Examination of photographic images and technical means of their production
6.2 Person identification by appearance based on material images

Examination of Video and Sound Recording

7.1 Technical examination of materials and tools for video and sound recording
7.2 Examination of announcer by physical parameters of speech, acoustic signals, and environments
7.3 Linguistic examination of oral speech

Examination of Materials, Substances, and Products

8.1 Examination of paint and varnish materials and coatings
8.2 Examination of polymeric materials, plastics, and products made from them
8.4 Examination of petroleum products and lubricants
8.5 Examination of glass, ceramics, and products made from them
8.6 Examination of narcotic substances, psychotropic substances, their analogues, and precursors
8.7 Examination of alcohol-containing mixtures
8.8 Forensic soil analysis
8.9 Examination of metals and alloys and products made from them
8.10.1 Examination of pesticides presence in the environment
8.11 Examination of chemical production substances and special chemical substances
8.12 Examination of food products
8.13 Examination of highly potent and poisonous substances
8.18 Examination of explosive substances, explosion products (gunshot residue)

Biological Examination

9.1 Examination of plant origin objects
9.2 Examination of animal origin objects
9.5 Molecular genetic examinations

Engineering and Transport Examination

10.1 Examination of the circumstances and mechanism of road traffic accidents
10.2 Examination of the technical condition of vehicles
10.3 Examination of vehicle parts10.4 Vehicle and trace studies

Life Safety Examination

10.5 Investigation of causes and consequences of violation of health and work safety requirements

Construction and Engineering Examination

10.6 Examination of real estate facilities, building materials, structures and relevant documents

Land and Technical Examination

10.7 Distribution of land and determination of the procedure for using land plots

Fire and Technical Examination

10.8 Investigation of circumstances of fire outbreak and spread and compliance with fire safety requirements

Computer Examination

10.9 Examination of software and hardware

Estimate Examination in Construction

10.10 Determining the appraised value of construction objects and structures

Rail Transport Examination

10.11 Investigation of the circumstances and mechanism of a railway transport accident

Land Evaluation Examination

10.14 Evaluation of land plots

Mining Engineering Examination

10.15 Examination of causes and consequences of emergencies in the mining industry and underground conditions

Road Technical Examination

10.16 Road technical studies

Examination of Electronic Communications

10.17 Examination of electronic communications

Electrical Engineering Expert Examination

10.18 Examination of technical operation of electrical equipment

Environmental and Engineering Examination

10.19 Investigation of circumstances, organizational and technical causes, as well as implications of technogenic sources on environmental objects

Expert Examination of Land Management Issues

10.20 Analysis of land management issues

Electric Transportation Examination

10.21 City electric transport studies

Examination of Technical Condition of Elevators

10.22 Analysis of technical state of elevators and conditions of their safe operation

Engineering and Mechanical Examination

10.23 Examination of technical condition and operating conditions of machines and mechanisms

Aviation and Technical Examination

10.25 Examination of aviation events and incidents

Thermal Engineering Examination

10.30 Thermal engineering research

Economic Examination

11.1 Examination of accounting, tax accounting and reporting documents11.2 Analysis of documents reflecting the business activities of enterprises and organizations11.3 Analysis of documents on financial and credit operations

Commodity Examination

12.1 Cost evaluation of machinery, equipment, raw materials and consumer goods

Transportation and Commodity Examination

12.2 Cost determination of wheeled vehicles and the extent of damage caused to the owner of the vehicle12.4 Aircraft valuation

Examination of Military Assets

12.5 Valuation of military assets and equipment and weaponry

Expert Examination in the Field of Intellectual Property

13.1.1 Investigations associated with literary and artistic works, etc.13.1.2 Investigations associated with software and data compilations (databases)13.2 Investigations associated with performances, phonograms, videograms, shows (broadcasts) of broadcasting organizations13.4 Investigations related to industrial designs13.6 Investigations related to commercial (corporate) names, trademarks (marks for goods and services), geographical indications13.8 Investigations related to commercial secrets (know-how) and innovative proposals13.9 Economic examination in the field of intellectual property

Psychological Examination

14.1 Psychological studies

Expert Examination of Art

15.1 Art studies

Military Examination

16.1 Military investigations

Gemological Examination

17.1.1 Examination of precious stones
17.1.2 Examination of diamonds
17.1.3 Examination of precious stones of organogenic origin
17.1.4 Examination of semi-precious stones
17.1.5 Examination of decorative stones

Veterinary Examination

18.1 Veterinary research

Historical-Archeological Examination

19.1 Historical-archeological research of land plots